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In Search For Perfect Golf Bags

Golf is among the most popular sports in the world. Although the rules of the game may seem intimidating to those who have only heard of it, those who have actually played came to know it as a very relaxing, competitive game which aims to improve the player’s aim and swing control.

Golf is played by rounds. Each round is determined by trying to get the golf ball into the holes that are played in a certain order. The typical golf course contains 18 holes, but there are also others who offer 9-hole golf courses.

There are two ways golf is played. The more popular means to play is known as the stroke play, where the winner is determined based on the lowest number of strokes a player can make for the ball to fall into the hole. The other is called match play. In match play, instead of the number of strokes, the winner is determined based on their lowest score on the most individual holes in a certain round.

Golf bagGolfers are also known to be selective of the golf clubs they use. Since there are different types of clubs, these players must make sure that they know which one to use for every situation. And since there are very specific clubs for longer and shorter shots, it is inevitable for each player to switch from one club to another throughout the game. Carrying all these clubs can be quite the task, especially under the scorching heat of the sun. And that is exactly why golf bags are an essential need for every golfer to carry with them.

Golf bags are specially designed bags for the purpose of easy transportation of golf clubs and other golfing equipment. These bags are more commonly made of lightweight material, and contains dividers for each type of club for the player’s convenience and easier selection.

There are different types of these bags, which can easily match different personalities. It is important for one to consider and be familiar with these different bags. Not only because they are considered as investments, but because the perfect bag can help improve a player’s overall performance on the course.

One of the most popular type of golf bags are the carry bags. These are the minimalist bags that are usually carried by the player or by the caddy by means of a single shoulder strap. Some of these carry bags are made up of lightweight and flexible synthetic fiber which allows it to be easily folded or rolled. This quality can come in handy for storage purposes.

There are two known types of carry bags, but the more common among them is the stand bag. Stand bags are those that are made with hard bodies and have legs incorporated into the design. These legs allows the bag to stand on its own while the golfer is about to play. It is to be noted that the presence of these legs must not affect the bag’s portability. It must be at a comfortable weight in order to allow the player to walk throughout the course. The paddings on the shoulder strap must also be taken into consideration as the player’s level of comfort will depend upon them.

Another popular type of golf bags are the cart bags. These bags are usually made up of harder bodies and weigh heavier than carry bags. This is because of the fact that these bags were intended to stay in the cart as the player drives from one hole to another. These bags allow for more pockets for easy storage of golfing gears and other essential needs.

Among professional players, on the other hand, a more popular choice is the staff bag. These bags are often bigger than the average golf bag, because they are able to hold up to 14 golf clubs. They are also heavier than the carry bag, and is usually being carried along by a caddy or by an assistant throughout the golf course.

There is also a specially designed bag for the purpose of transporting gear from one place to another. These are called travel bags. These travel bags have firm reinforcements and come with travel hoods which serves to protect the equipment while in transit. This makes traveling with golfing gear more convenient and highly portable.

Since these golf bags are considered investments, it must be noted that its owner must know how to take care of them, and how to store them properly. These bags, especially those made of nylon, should be stored in a place away from direct sunlight. This is due to the fact that sunlight can make the material brittle. As much as possible, it must be kept in a place that’s cool and dry so that the material will remain sturdy.

Given this extensive variety of bags for avid golfers, one can easily choose which one he shall entrust his golf clubs to. These bags even come in different colors and designs, which can easily reflect its owner’s personal style and taste. In fact, even women golfers shouldn’t worry about lugging around very manly carriers because each of these bags are usually designed to have a counterpart uniquely designed for women.

The wide selection for these bags only prove that golf is not only for those who were already in the industry for years. Hobbyists, and those who are in the process of learning how it is played, should not allow themselves to be intimidated by how difficult a round of golf seems.

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Safety Tips in Using Portable Storage Containers

Portable storage containers in their simple appearance and design can seem so harmless. It is just a box anyway, so how can it pose any hazard to anyone using it? The truth is with improper handling and use, portable storage containers can actually be dangerous. You have to remember that these steel boxes are very heavy and they have wheels attached at the bottom to make them portable. Therefore, unsafe practices can result to injuries that you would never want to happen to you. To avoid those injuries, here are some safety tips on using portable storage containers.

Stay Clear During Delivery and Pick Up

Portable Storage containersStorage containers are very bulky and although the drivers who transport these are well-trained in their jobs, accidents can happen if kids suddenly run at the sides or back of the container while it is being parked or picked up. Drivers may not see you or your kids and may hit you. That includes your pets too. Therefore, stay clear until the driver has turned the engine off and has dismounted the vehicle.

Be Careful in Opening and Closing the Container

As with any doors, ensure that the tracks of the door are clear before slamming it shut. Kids, especially, may have their hands on the track and get hurt if the door closes on them. This is why kids should be advised to keep away from portable storage containers without supervision. You should practice caution when opening the doors. If you have loaded it with heavy items, there is a chance that some of that have slid during transport and are standing next to the door. Open it slowly to ensure that no object is about to fall off.

Be Mindful of Sharp Edges

Storage containers are made of steel and although they have a smooth finish while brand new, corrosion and bumps can cause some edges to protrude. These can be very sharp, so inspect well before leaning on the sides or grasping the surface.

Lock at All Times

Your kids may find the storage container an ideal place to play games and that can be very dangerous if they accidentally become trapped inside. To prevent that, never leave the door of the container open and ensure that the lock is in place.

Do not Load the Top

The top portion of the container may be a tempting area to place other items that do not need special care. The problem is that these items can slide to the side and hit anyone who is standing below it.

Park in Flat Surface

As much as possible, storage containers have to be laid on a flat surface to prevent their contents from sliding. However, if this is impossible, meaning your available area is on an incline, then be wise in loading your container. Bulky items must be on the innermost portion and the door of the container must be directed at the uphill side of the slope, so that even if the contents will slide, they will not cause any harm once you open the door. Do not worry about the container rolling because their wheels have good locking system that will keep them in place. Speaking of which, however, ensure that you do not unlock the wheels by yourself. Let the experts handle it.

Follow Maximum Weight

These steel containers, although sturdy, still have an allowable maximum load. You should follow this, especially if you intend to transport it. Also remember to keep the weight balanced inside the container, which means that you must distribute the weight evenly on the available space.

A seemingly harmless box may not pose any threat; but as you can see, improper use can cause undesirable injuries. Fortunately, you can avoid all that by following the above safety tips and you can then continue to use the storage container without trouble at all.

Preparation for Manufacturing PCB

There are several kinds of Printed Circuit Boards (PCB). They differ in terms of sizes and materials needed for them to be manufactured. A certain amount of preparation is needed before the actual PCB fabrication begins.

First, a diagram of the board should be made. In this diagram, the connections of parts are shown, as well as the different parts needed to be used. Each part in the diagram must have a designator in reference to the list to be made later on.

Second is to list the materials needed for the PCB. Any useful information for each part that is not shown in the diagram can be included here.

Third is selecting the parts to be used for PCB fabrication from what is called a data sheet which is provided by part manufacturers. From this, one can select parts with certain specifications, like dimensions. If a part has no data sheet, one can create one for the manufacturer.

Fourth, the board to be used is to be specified; details such as the type of board, its layers, and its dimensions must be made clear. A couple of choices for the type of board can be either fiberglass or phenolic. The layers of the board can be a single-sided laminate (where components are mounted only on one side of the board), a double-sided laminate (where components can be mounted on either side), or a multi-layer laminate (which is able to route a more complex circuit and distribute power more effectively). The physical dimension of the board differs depending on its function, connections of its parts, and many other external factors.

Fifth is drawing the PCB layout either manually or by computer. For simple circuit boards, the manual procedure for drawing the layout may be quicker but for more complex ones, using computer software is recommended. There are several things to consider when doing this. First is the placement of components. Usually, it is best for these to be placed on top of the board. Proper spacing for each component should be observed as well. Directional orientation should only be either up and down or left and right. The holes that will be drilled for mounting the components should be indicated as well.

Pcb fabricationNext is the placement of power and ground traces, by avoiding a zigzagging chain from part to part as much as possible, one can have a solid trace. Last thing to consider is the placement of the signal traces. Keeping them as short and direct as possible is recommended. The size of the trace depends on the amount of current it is going to carry. A trace carrying a low current should be smaller than a trace carrying a higher current.

Next, after doing all the preparations, take a moment to check if all the components for the board are placed properly. Check the routing of every signal if there are missing ones or incorrectly wired ones. From the diagram to the layout, check the path for each trace one by one to ensure that the diagram and layout match.

The last thing to do is to draw a PCB fabrication scheme. In this drawing, it’s necessary to indicate the dimensions of holes to be drilled on the board, the labels for each hole, and its quantity. This drawing, in addition to the other data created, will be used by the manufacturer to make the PCB.

After doing all the preparations, one can now deliver the information to the manufacturer for them to start the PCB fabrication process. It may be a tedious task but careful planning and preparation can help anyone avoid crucial errors in manufacturing the PCB.

Important Facts About a Water Mister

Water mistersWater misters are available in a wide variety of designs. You have the option of purchasing the one with one nozzle or you can choose the one with multiple nozzles. You can choose from low and high pressure versions. The most common type of misters is the low pressure and it can be connected to any garden hose to provide a fine mist.  A water mister functions by spraying a fine mist of water into the air. As the mist evaporates, it cools the air through a process known as flash evaporation.  This cool air circulates in the atmosphere to cool areas away from the water misters. If you intend on using water misters to cool down a deck or a patio, the cooling of air will depend on the breeze or wind.  These will aid in circulating the mist and cool the air from your water mister because the misters do not have too much throw. Manufacturers offer both portable and permanent water misters.

A mounted low pressure misting system is available with different misting nozzles. This water misting system is connected to any garden hose and produces a very fine mist which makes the water mister perfect for mist cooling, odor control applications and dust control. If you are too busy to install a misting system in your backyard, these water misters are great alternative and it is available fully assembled.  The portable type of misting system that is mounted to a stand is also available.

The Mounted Low Pressure Misters

If you want to use the mounted low pressure misting system for a mist cooling, you will depend on the outside air to spread the mist in your deck or patio. The manufacturer suggests mounting it at least five to six feet off of the ground to achieve the result that you want. To make the mist travel up to 25 ft from this height, you need a slight air movement. The best way to mount this water misting system is with nails and screws in the mounting holes that is pre-drilled. Some people use a string or cable ties to create a loop and then use an S hook to hang the misters, this enables you to move the misters to various areas. If you need to cool down a bigger area, you need more misting nozzles in the misting system.

misting nozzlesYou can purchase a 4, 5, 7 and 10 nozzle misting system for cooling medium to large sized decks and patios. For small balconies and patios use two and three nozzle misters. It is best that you get misters with more than one misting nozzles because you can always plug nozzles off if the misting system is producing too much mist. These plugs are available in retail stores or you can order it online. These misters can be connected to the front of outdoor fans with fully enclosed motors to convert them into misting fans.

The mister body is made from premium quality aluminum and in order to withstand the most extreme outdoor elements it is anodized black. To make it easier for you to mount the misting system either horizontally or vertically, it has a pre-drilled mounting holes on all sides of the misters body. If you want a misting nozzles that will not corrode and is resistant to UV and will not drip with low water pressure, then plastic misting nozzles are the perfect choice. To prevent nozzle damage and clogging, you can place a mesh screen filter on each misting nozzle. Each nozzle uses a minimal amount of water per hour, 1.00gph@100psi or 0.63gph@40psi. To make it easier for you to attach the misters to your garden hose, you can use a brass garden hose swivel.