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Important Facts About a Water Mister

Water mistersWater misters are available in a wide variety of designs. You have the option of purchasing the one with one nozzle or you can choose the one with multiple nozzles. You can choose from low and high pressure versions. The most common type of misters is the low pressure and it can be connected to any garden hose to provide a fine mist.  A water mister functions by spraying a fine mist of water into the air. As the mist evaporates, it cools the air through a process known as flash evaporation.  This cool air circulates in the atmosphere to cool areas away from the water misters. If you intend on using water misters to cool down a deck or a patio, the cooling of air will depend on the breeze or wind.  These will aid in circulating the mist and cool the air from your water mister because the misters do not have too much throw. Manufacturers offer both portable and permanent water misters.

A mounted low pressure misting system is available with different misting nozzles. This water misting system is connected to any garden hose and produces a very fine mist which makes the water mister perfect for mist cooling, odor control applications and dust control. If you are too busy to install a misting system in your backyard, these water misters are great alternative and it is available fully assembled.  The portable type of misting system that is mounted to a stand is also available.

The Mounted Low Pressure Misters

If you want to use the mounted low pressure misting system for a mist cooling, you will depend on the outside air to spread the mist in your deck or patio. The manufacturer suggests mounting it at least five to six feet off of the ground to achieve the result that you want. To make the mist travel up to 25 ft from this height, you need a slight air movement. The best way to mount this water misting system is with nails and screws in the mounting holes that is pre-drilled. Some people use a string or cable ties to create a loop and then use an S hook to hang the misters, this enables you to move the misters to various areas. If you need to cool down a bigger area, you need more misting nozzles in the misting system.

misting nozzlesYou can purchase a 4, 5, 7 and 10 nozzle misting system for cooling medium to large sized decks and patios. For small balconies and patios use two and three nozzle misters. It is best that you get misters with more than one misting nozzles because you can always plug nozzles off if the misting system is producing too much mist. These plugs are available in retail stores or you can order it online. These misters can be connected to the front of outdoor fans with fully enclosed motors to convert them into misting fans.

The mister body is made from premium quality aluminum and in order to withstand the most extreme outdoor elements it is anodized black. To make it easier for you to mount the misting system either horizontally or vertically, it has a pre-drilled mounting holes on all sides of the misters body. If you want a misting nozzles that will not corrode and is resistant to UV and will not drip with low water pressure, then plastic misting nozzles are the perfect choice. To prevent nozzle damage and clogging, you can place a mesh screen filter on each misting nozzle. Each nozzle uses a minimal amount of water per hour, 1.00gph@100psi or 0.63gph@40psi. To make it easier for you to attach the misters to your garden hose, you can use a brass garden hose swivel.